AMTA bestows several awards to honor outstanding achievement by members and chapters.


MERITORIOUS: Mollie Bollers

Mollie is skillful and uniquely savvy with technology, circumventing obstacles and benefitting all involved. Mollie’s grounded approach to reflect and analyze current issues provides great insight for committee and board members, leading to real, tangible solutions. Mollie has demonstrated her ability to articulate the common concerns of our members in terms understood by legislative stakeholders. Her approachability and openness flow from her authentic nature. Mollie attends and actively participates in all planned NJ Government Relations Committee initiatives. The integrity of her contributions to the work of Government Relations during the COVID pandemic have been remarkable. In less than two weeks, she produced a membership survey regarding COVID restrictions on home visits. The data gleaned was immeasurably helpful for our chapter’s initiatives to lift prohibitions on the practice of Massage and Bodywork Therapy. Additionally, Mollie wrote guidelines for use in sanitary procedures for home visits. In another initiative, Mollie completed all the research and background legwork to develop an information grid, illustrating incongruities between local ordinances and state law.  It is a privilege and an honor to nominate someone who imbues the mission and philosophy of AMTA.

Dorothea V. Atkins has been a massage therapist for over 20 years and an AMTA member for 15 years. She has given many years volunteering for the AMTA-NJ Chapter, where she served as the Education Committee Chair. She always greeted everyone with a great big hug and a huge smile! She attended Holos University Graduate Seminary, where she obtained her Theology Doctorate in Spiritual Healing and Medical Intuition. Recently, she has become a published researcher. Her research study on “The Effects of Self0Massage on Osteoarthritis of the Knee: a Randomized, Controlled Trial,” provided significant evidence that self-massage on the thigh (quadriceps) muscle improves function; and decreases pain and stiffness of the knees. The article was published in the March 2013 journal of the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She was presented an award by the International Society of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine research symposium on June 24, 2011 and the Bernard Grad award for emerging scientist’s research. This amazing individual continues to strive for everything she does, and we couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of the award.

MERITORIOUS: Sieglinde Winter
Sieglinde Winter graduated from massage school in 2009. She joined the AMTA in 2010 and immediately became involved as a Sports Team member. She has since participated every year, exceeding all the Sports Team requirements. In 2013, of all the team members, she participated in the most events. Our honored member also took the CSMT training and is available immediately if called upon. With all the outstanding things she has accomplished, where she has shined the most is as the AMTA-NJ Chapter Secretary. For the past 2 years, she has been an exceptional secretary; completing all her tasks in a timely and professional member. She handles all the emails and phone calls that come into the chapter, and reviews and forwards all messages to the appropriate committee chair for a quick response. All the hours she puts in as a volunteer, is above and beyond in her board position, and the chapter is very lucky to have her as an active volunteer.

Lori Keith has served on the AMTA-NJ Chapter board for 8 years and has handled the NJ Government Relations Committee for the last 2 years after Adrienne Asta, previous GR Chair, moved out of state. With state licensure enacted over 1.5 years ago, she handles all the chapter member phone calls and emails that come into the chapter with questions about the licensure process. She has assisted members with writing letters to help address issues pertaining to local and municipal ordinances, including the right to practice in their local community. She continues to attend the monthly meetings held by the NJ Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy in Newark representing more thank 1,600 members of the AMTA NJ Chapter. She has worked hand-in-hand with Sally Hacking, our legislative consultant, and PPAG, our lobbing firm, to keep an eye on any upcoming legislation which could affect the massage profession in NJ. She also volunteered on the National AMTA AMA/CPT work group this year, to ensure that massage therapists throughout the country continue to have the ability to appropriately report our services with specific CPT coding. Her first priority has always remained to protect and honor all AMTA NJ members’ right to practice, and to protect the integrity of our profession in NJ, including consumer protection. She has shown remarkable dedication and service to the NJ Chapter and always goes above and beyond.


This AMTA NJ Chapter volunteer group has done and outstanding job in helping to make our chapter meetings and conventions successful and enjoyable for all our members. Each year they travel across the state to secure venues for our meetings. They coordinate with the board in working out the logistics for the venue so our meetings run smoothly for everyone. Their time and dedication to help make our events successful is greatly appreciated.

OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER GROUP CHAIR: Robin Streit, Membership Committee
This person joined the AMTA in 2012 and became and active volunteer over a year ago when she offered to work with the membership committee in developing our school visits and local “meet and greets.” She has been an integral part of increasing membership numbers and is always full of innovative ideas.

2012 AMTA NJ Award Recipients

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE: Cynthia Sinicropi-Philibosian
Cynthia has been a tireless volunteer for the AMTA for nearly 20 years. In the early days, she volunteered to serve on the NJ Chapter government relations committee and worked toward licensure of our profession in NJ. Very often, the state massage coalition meetings were held at her massage therapy office. This person has served many times as a NJ delegate to the National Convention over the years, and continues to do so presently. Her most outstanding commitment to the profession has come through her being selected to sit on our state licensing board and the many hours of commitment this position offers with no compensation. In addition to being a committed massage professional, she is a remarkably approachable person, with excellent long history of donating her time and effort to her community on many levels.

Maureen has been a massage therapist for 20 years and a Physical Therapist for 32 years. She served on the AMTA MO Chapter Board of Directors for 17 years, including 4 years as chapter president, and this past March, joined the AMTA National Board of Directors as a member-at-large. She recently assisted the NJ Chapter this past December in getting our Community Service Massage Team trained and ready to be deployed in response to the Hurricane Sandy disaster. She put her personal and professional life back in Missouri on hold, so she could fly out to New Jersey to train our team. She helped coordinate the event in record time and insisted on receiving no compensation. Because of her dedication and commitment, the NJ Chapter now has a well-trained Community Service Massage Team made up of 30 volunteers! The NJ Chapter is ever so grateful for this kind, caring individual.

Kathy created and maintains the NJ Chapter Website. She also brought on-line registration to NJ Chapter events; thereby, streamlining registration and committee work, allowing volunteers to focus efforts on the actual event. She oversees Chapter Social Media and the Membership Committee. She co-managed AMTA NJ’s 1st Student Kick Start program at the NJ Chapter April convention. She represented all of AMTA by fundraising for and running on the Massage Therapy Foundation “Running for Research” Boston Marathon Team (event on Monday, April 15, Chapter. Kathy is most recognized by her extreme amount of energy.Chapter. Kathy is most recognized by her extreme amount of energy.

Adrienne has served on the NJ Chapter Board for 5 years and also served as the NJ Chapter Government Relations Committee Chair and Co-Chair for the last 4 years. As state licensure approached, she handled all the chapter member phone calls and emails that came into the chapter with questions about the licensure process. She attended nearly every meeting held by the NJ Board of Bodywork and Massage Therapy in Newark as the representative of the AMTA NJ Chapter. She set up the recorded calls to be sent to all members before and during the implementation stage. She worked alongside Charlie Behm and Sally Hacking to “learn the ropes”, and was focused and committed on providing our members with detailed information to help them through the licensure phase. She has shown remarkable dedication and service to the NJ Chapter, even when she knew she would be moving out of state. This past October, she decided to move to Arizona, and she has been sorely missed.

Maria has been a core member of the AMTA NJ Chapter Sports Team for 6 years, averaging 6 to 7 events per season. She has been instrumental in our student mentorship program, and many students have commented on her excellent skills and instruction when working alongside her at events. She has stepped up on several occasions to run the show whenever she was asked, even at a moment’s notice. She has been a great asset to the team, and we are lucky to have her!

The Sports Massage Team goes above and beyond every single year. There are 35 members that make up this group, and all are well-trained and highly skilled. They have 12 outstanding events scheduled for this upcoming season. They continue to mentor students who attend events with school representatives, and have created a prestigious team that is in high demand. Their dedication and commitment to promoting sports massage throughout the state of New Jersey is unmatched!

Janelle reaches out to individuals always with a smile, trying to make people feel comfortable. Always ready to give a helping hand in many aspects of our chapter duties. She has been an AMTA member for 23 years, and has always been an active volunteer. She has served on the Chapter Board as secretary and treasurer. She orchestrates our holiday raffle every year, and assists wherever we need her. Her dedication, commitment, and organization always go above and beyond.

PRESIDENT’S AWARD: Sally Hacking, AMTA NJ’s Legislative Consultant
Sally Hacking has actively assisted the New Jersey Chapter in our legislative efforts since 2007. She served as a Board well informed. On many occasions, she represented the AMTA NJ Chapter in providing expert testimony before the NJ State Massage and Bodywork Licensure Board. Throughout the last 3 tumultuous years of legislation focus in New Jersey, I have had the honor to work side by side with her. She has been such a valuable asset to the NJ Board, and her knowledge, experience and dedication has kept our members well informed throughout the legislative process. When NJ was hit with Superstorm Sandy in late October and communication was so difficult, she continued to monitor the progress of the licensure process and even helped with responding to emails and phone calls. I could call on her at any hour, and she was there to assist me in writing that official statement or press release. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her this past year. This woman has graciously taught me to embrace government relations with an appreciation for our profession, and to continuously strive to do what is best for our members.

2011 AMTA NJ Award Recipients

This person has been a member of the AMTA NJ Chapter since 1989. She has served on the NJ Chapter Board in the past, and has handled the organization and orchestrating of the Holiday Raffle since its inception. She serves on just about every committee, and is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever it is needed. The 2011 Distinguished Service award is being presented to Janelle Berger for her diligent volunteerism and contributing to the massage therapy profession in an outstanding manner.

The Humanitarian Award goes to a member who does volunteer work, which may or may not include massage, done in the larger community.  This is including but not limited to: charity, church, supporting the arts, working with children, disabled, needy, sick, homeless, elderly, community outreach to populations for who massage is otherwise difficult to obtain; fundraising for same, consciousness raising, and/or relief efforts.  This year’s recipient turned tragedy into triumph creating I Run for Joy which was a charity effort through running and massage to raise money for the ALS Foundation after her good friend Joy was diagnosed with this fatal disease.  On her own she raised $4000 for the ALS Foundation of Philadelphia and plans to continue these efforts (with the help of any member who wants to join) to support similar organizations and causes in need.  Please help me congratulate this year’s Humanitarian Award recipient, Jenna Weed.

This award is chosen by the Board and honors a member who has provided exceptional service in an altruistic manner to the chapter.  Our recipient this year has been a member since 2008.  He became an integral team member for the Sports massage team exemplifying leadership skills which earned him a position as captain for which he won an award last year.  He was elected to the position of Treasurer by our membership this past March and in the few short months he has transferred the chapter to the National server with QuickBooks – a huge undertaken that has saved the chapter a significant amount of money.  And because of this, the budget process at our strategic planning meeting for the 2012 budget went so smoothly, we were able to make time to discuss longer term plans for the chapter with the confidence of good fiscal health.  It is my pleasure to present this year’s Meritorious Award to Marty Fitzgerald.

This award honors someone who has provided exceptional accomplishments at the Chapter level regarding government relations activities.  This amazing individual has been involved with the NJ Chapter for over 15 years, and has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals, while keeping our Association forefront with the utmost integrity.  Her knowledge of the massage therapy profession and government relations is truly unsurpassed.  She has given many countless hours over the last year, in an effort to keep the NJ Board of Directors and Government Relations Committee well informed.  She has been the right hand of the Chapter President, Lori Keith, and assists her on a daily basis in all aspects of NJ State Licensure issues.  This year’s Outstanding Government Relations Activist is presented to Sally Hacking, NJ’s own Legislative Consultant.

This award honors a volunteer group/committee that has demonstrated outstanding qualities and/or service to the AMTA in their position.  This year this award is being presented to the 2011 AMTA NJ Chapter delegates. Cynthia Sinicropi-Philibosian, as Delegate Chairman, implemented face to face meetings and conference calls, where the delegates were engaged in active participation and collaboration of proposed Position Statements. Their work and dedication in this volunteer role was truly outstanding, and has brought the NJ Delegates to a whole new level!

This year’s Outstanding Volunteer Group Chair recipient has taken our chapter to new levels.  Because of her we now have a structure in place for outreach to our schools to let students know about the benefits of being a part of our member driven organization.  She is also being recognized today for improving the look and information on our website including the new online registration process which is helping streamline processes for the chapter. The AMTA-NJ Chapter has been fortunate to have such a hard-working individual on our team. She has raised the bar significantly for us. The Outstanding Volunteer Group Chair Award for 2011 goes to the Membership Chair and Website Chair, Kathy Borsuk.

This year’s Sports Team Achiever award is given to the Sports Team member who has truly embraced what it means to be a team player.  He works tirelessly at each event often working on that very last athlete as we’re closing down.  And he is an integral part of the mentorship program with our chapter schools, providing guidance to the students.  Congratulations to this year’s Sports Team Achiever Award, Viktor Bek.

PRESIDENT’S AWARD: Angie Wilkinson,
This award is given to openly honor a recipient who has contributed to the massage profession in an outstanding manner, and to acknowledge diligent volunteerism done in an altruistic manner.  This award is selected by the President and enables the President to give an award to a recipient who seems worthy.  The person, who I have chosen to receive the President’s award, truly lives and breathes the AMTA NJ Chapter.

This person has shown unwavering dedication to the NJ Chapter, and is continuously working hard around the clock, to give YOU, the members, what you ask for.  She has shown her greatest achievement this past year, in her unending personal strength, as she recovered and persevered through her health challenges and continued to focus on the needs of our Chapter.  Never once did she ask for time off.  She attends our National Conventions, and is the guru in getting those vendors to cough up their donations for our Holiday Raffle.  She has been an active volunteer of the AMTA NJ Chapter since 1995, and chairs our Event Planning Committee.  I am blessed to have her in my life, and honored to call her my dearest friend.

I would like to present my 2011 President’s award to Angie Wilkinson.   – Lori Keith

2010 AMTA NJ Award Recipients 

Charlie joined the AMTA in 1989, and has always remained an active volunteer with not only the NJ Chapter, but also on the National level. Charlie currently serves as the AMTA National Grievance Committee Chair and our NJ Chapter Government Relations Chair. He recently served as NJ’s Immediate Past President for the last 2 years. Charlie’s pure dedication and passion for the massage profession shines through in everything he does. Charlie’s outstanding characteristics: His ability to create a nurturing environment of like-minded individuals who work harmoniously to achieve a much greater goal! (hmmm…maybe it has to do something with his license as a Clinical Social Worker!) Charlie has shown us all what the meaning of “dedication to volunteerism” really means!

HUMANITARIAN: Sherri Nicholas
Sherri has been an AMTA NJ member since 2006. I did not have the pleasure to know Sherri until National AMTA Volunteer Connections helped us to connect during the 2009 “Massage for a Cure” day at Cortiva Institute. Sherri has organized and/or participated in 30 EVENTS including our annual “Massage for a Cure” and is on the National AMTA website! She wrote an article for AMTA called, “The Top 10 Reasons for Volunteering Massage Services”. Please refer to the article written about her in our last newsletter. “EXTREME VOLUNTEER!” Member in Spotlight: Sherri Nicholas

MERITORIOUS: Aiken Edwards
Aiken has been an AMTA member since 2000, served as a NJ delegate for many years, and was always an active volunteer. Aiken has outstanding dedication to protecting the financial integrity of our chapter. He never looks for personal gain or recognition, but is always there to make sure all of our financial deliverables are to National on time, and all our account payables are paid on time. Whenever you see Aiken, he is usually sitting with the checkbook and a calculator crunching numbers, and making sure everything is on the “up and up”. He is always willing to lend a helping hand at all of our events, and nurtures a calm and caring environment. Aiken’s humble man. A valuable asset to our Chapter and Board!

A member since 1994, Cynthia has always been extremely dedicated to the certification and licensing process in the state of NJ. Over the years, she attended every Examining Committee meeting to keep herself and others informed, and now serves on the New Jersey Massage and Bodywork Licensing Board. Cynthia’s outstanding characteristics include her professional integrity, dedication, extensive knowledge and pure passion for the massage profession. Cynthia has sacrificed many hours away from her practice to be involved in the legislative process; she is a true champion for the greater good of the profession!

This TEAM is putting AMTA NJ on the map, and bringing such wonderful recognition, not only to the AMTA NJ Chapter, but also to the massage they can handle! And the mentoring that is being done with Massage School students that attend with their school rep is phenomenal! An all-around outstanding accomplishment!

Bruce has shown such dedication and compassion for this team, above and beyond what is expected of a Sports Team Chair. He has brought this Team to a whole new level, and in the process, has nurtured an increase in student membership. With two the annual event schedule and assures that each event is well attended and handled with professional integrity. I see great things happening for the AMTA NJ Sports Team, and we have Bruce Spicer to thank! I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this award!

SPORTS MASSAGE TEAM ACHIEVER: Martin Fitzgerald and Michael Magera
Marty has been one of the Sports Team Captains for 3 years. He has for years given a 100% effort and takes pride in his job. This past season he has stepped up and reached out to his community to recruit more events for our team. His efforts and dedication are outstanding. His communication skills are fantastic. Mike Magera was particularly helpful this season. His willingness to help students and coordinate events as captain has nurtured the foundation for AMTA’s mentoring program. Mike is a true leader.

PRESIDENT’S AWARD: Bruce Spicer, 1st Vice President
The President’s award is selected by the appreciation for a member’s altruistic qualities and their contributions to the massage profession in an outstanding manner. Lori chose Bruce Spicer this year because of his dedication to the chapter, his willingness to bring volunteers as much opportunity as possible, and his outreach to acquire new members which has substantially increased our student membership. Bruce has also brought the AMTA NJ Sports Team to the level of professional credibility that it is known for throughout the country.